Looking for the Finest School for Your Kids

If you have kids ready to attend preschool, you better look for the finest school that will hone their foundation. You want them to live a happy life while staying in school. Aside from hoping that they learn reading, writing, and arithmetic, you want them to enjoy their young lives first. Hence, you plan to enroll them in preschool maryland heights. If you heard of The Westport School, you better visit its official website to know the things that they offer. For sure, you want your kids to develop holistically. It should start by developing their social and motor skills.

As a parent, you are very meticulous about the classroom environment of your kids. Upon browsing, you will be happy in knowing that The Westport School offers various classrooms depending on the level of the kid. You will find the infant classroom. It is an area where your infant will enjoy seeing colors. The classroom itself is built to meet the different stages of development during the first year of your kid. You will be amazed at how serious the school is when giving proper care to the kids. In fact, they have caregivers who create monthly plans according to the expected development of the child.

If you have a toddler, you better bring him to a toddler classroom. For sure, your child wants to enjoy being a “big kid”. If you witness him in the toddler classroom, you will surely appreciate the interactive environment. You will also love that room because of the presence of very nurturing teachers. Those people develop weekly lesson plans that are patterned to every stage of the toddler’s development in mind. The plan has activities that will improve your child’s language, muscle motor skills, social-emotional, and cognitive development. Your kid will love to stay in the classroom because there are varied activities. They enjoy music and story time, sensory, art, and manipulative play.

Once your kid reaches the age of two, you can enroll him in the two and early three-year-old program. You want to see him improve in terms of art and self-help skills. Since you want your kid to be ready for preschool, he must have a healthy transition. You will appreciate the school for crafting a thematic program that allows children to grow in different areas, such as math, science, language, and art. You will also love their music, movement, and dramatic play. Besides, they have a veteran teacher for two-year-old kids. She has been there for twenty years already.

You will surely be excited to know about their preschool program. If your kid reaches the age of 3, he can already enroll in the DAP curriculum. The school creates a weekly lesson plan that includes activities promoting various areas of development. They are very much particular about science and mathematics. They also arrange the activities so that the kids will be able to master learning the calendar, group games, weather, literature, and music. The teacher there has been teaching for over 30 years. You may also like to know about their pre-kindergarten program which is facilitated each fall.


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